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The Best Swimming Holes in the USA

If you love swimming, you may decide that your backyard pool or local public pool just doesn’t cut it. If you wan’t to be one with nature, swimming in a clean, natural pool free...

Walking on Clear Ice

Most of the time when we see a frozen body of water, like a lake or a pond, the ice is cloudy or white. You typically cannot see to the bottom, or anywhere below...


Images showing how the Earth is changing (16 pictures)

January 10, 1988 / April 6, 2008 Dam impact, Paraguay The Yacyretá-Apipé dam is a hydroelectric plant on the Yacyretá-Apipé falls of the Paraná River, between Argentina and Paraguay. Its construction displaced human populations and...

One Year on Earth – Seen From 1 Million Miles

On July 20, 2015, NASA released to the world the first image of the sunlit side of Earth captured by the space agency’s EPIC camera on NOAA’s DSCOVR satellite. The camera has now recorded a full year of life on Earth from its orbit at Lagrange point 1, approximately 1 million miles from Earth, where it is balanced between the gravity of our home planet and the sun.