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Surprising Famous Landscape Paintings with Unusual Additions (7 pictures)

In a recent series entitled Wars on Kinkade, digital artist Jeff Bennett of Alien Artisan, decided to have a little fun with some artworks by American mass-market painter Thomas Kinkade (1958 – 2012).

While Kinkade has received criticism for the extent to which he has commercialized his art (e.g., he sells prints of his work on the QVC home shopping network), he clearly has his fans, as a Washington Post article cites one estimate that puts a Thomas Kinkade painting in one of every 20 houses (and countless hotel rooms) in America.

The Bedrock Beneath

Our understanding of what lies beneath the world’s biggest ice sheet has taken another leap forward. In this video we strip away Antarctic ice to reveal a new, and much more detailed map of the bedrock below. This map, called Bedmap2, was compiled by the British Antarctic Survey and incorporates millions of new measurements, including substantial data sets from NASA’s ICESat satellite and an airborne mission called Operation IceBridge.