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The greatest understatements of all time

In the face of death or other dramatic events it’s easy to lose control and started nervously curse. But there are people who in such situations can stay cool and bring drama into a banality. Here are some famous examples of such events.

A shipwreck seen from space (8 pictures)

This half-sunken sea-liner is named the World Discoverer. It met its fate on April 30th, 2000, when it hit an uncharted reef in the Solomon Islands. Now it has become a popular tourist attraction and is visible from space on Google Maps.
Before the wreck, this expedition cruise-liner was used by several companies. Each season, just over 700 tourists traveled to Antarctica on the World Discoverer.

3 Big Discoveries Made by the International Space Station

We all know it’s awesome, and we could watch Chris Hadfield sing all day, but do you know about the awesome science that’s being done on the International Space Station? Hank explains three big discoveries made on the ISS that you should know about.

Frozen lighthouses

Each year, during the winter storm, hundreds of lighthouses around the world turn into ice statues. Many photographers try not to miss the moment, that would capture those great moments.

Fake Windows Painted on New Apartment Building in China (10 pictures)

This neighborhood located in Qingdao city’s Shibei district is a low-cost high-rise residential complex. Builder found the perfect (and quite unusual) way to reduce the cost of construction – on the outer walls of the north face of the buildings are painted “fake windows” matching the specifications of the windows around it.
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