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UK Is Testing Roads That Charge Electric Cars As They Drive

Imagine never having to pull over to fuel your car. This is exactly what Highways England is planning to implement for drivers of electric vehicles. Automobiles would be fitted with wireless technology and then driven on roads with special electromagnetic field generating equipment buried underneath.

U.S. Space Travel

February 1st 2003: A loud thunder is heard throughout east Texas. Shortly after the bang, debris scattered from Dallas to Louisiana and from the Space Shuttle Columbia. I was at a friend’s sleepover and I heard the boom. The Columbia explosion was one of the most terrifying events that I heard about as a kid, second to 9/11. There have been 14 deaths in the 50 years and 500 people that America has sent to space. Therefore, about 3% of Americans sent to space die in an accident. That percentage is still a little bit high before I would jump onto a space shuttle.

Name That Space Rock!

Have you ever had a problem distinguishing between comet, asteroid, meteor and other huge chunks of rocks floating around the universe?