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30 Breathtaking Images of Canada

Canada is known for its spectacular landscapes. To appreciate this country coast to coast, here are 30 breathtaking and mesmerizing photos of Canada’s unspoilt landscapes taken by Mark Jinks. via klyker.com  

Stupid People Doing Stupid Things

Charles Darwin might have been onto something with the whole natural selection thing. It wouldn’t be a huge loss is people like this were weeded out of the gene pool!

Is our universe the only universe?

Is there more than one universe? In this visually rich, action-packed talk, Brian Greene shows how the unanswered questions of physics (starting with a big one: What caused the Big Bang?) have led to the theory that our own universe is just one of many in the “multiverse.”

‘Habitathos’ – amazing series of “living art” body painting by Ana Siqueira (9 pictures)

Habitathos is an ongoing series of “living art” body painting images completely executed on tile panels from a brazilian modernist artist called Athos Bulcão.

The project was created by Ana Siqueira (pronounced See-‘KAY-ra), a daughter of Brasília’s cerrado (Brasília being the capital of Brazil, and cerrado it’s unique vegetation) – an artist eternally grateful to her city for its stylistic influence upon her.