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Evolution of the New York Skyline

In this fascinating composite image we see the evolution of New York City’s skyline from 1879 to 2013 (when One World Trade Center will be complete). New York city is often hailed as having...

Some Of The Funniest English Idioms And Their Meanings

We use idioms to pepper our speech and writing, often without even realising we’re doing it. These odd little phrases are used to express a sentiment other than their literal meaning. When you stopped to think about some English idioms and their literal meaning, you found some of them very funny.

The man who can’t get fat (25 pictures)

Tom Staniford, 23, has the MDP syndrome, one of only eight people in the world suffering from the syndrome in which he is unable to store fat under his skin, causing him to lose all the fat around his face and limbs when he was a child despite being born a normal weight.