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Only The Worst People Would Do These Things

Here’s a collection of photos of worst people ever. Some of them probably do pranks for fun, the rest is as complete idiots. Just when you think no one could possibly be this stupid, someone proves you wrong.

Gravity and the human body

Our bodies function necessarily under the presence of gravity; how blood pumps, a sense of balance and bone growth are all due to life in a world where gravity is an inescapable reality. Armed with experiments from neuroscientists David Hubel and Torten Wiesel, astronaut Jay Buckey presents a thought experiment: How would our bodies work without the force of gravity?

How Pain Works

Pain is.. a pain. Too much of it, and it can really make life hard. But imagine none of it. That can be bad too, as you’d never know if you’re hurt.

That’s the reality for a select few who carry a rare genetic mutation. Trace from D News explains how our body’s pain system works, and how these people could help those suffering from chronic pain in the future.