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The World’s largest 3D street art in Lyon (7 pictures)

Renault Trucks offered members of the public a unique experience on the Place Bellecour in Lyon – an opportunity to enter into the world’s largest work of 3-D street art. This image is a game with perspective. It looks three-dimensional only after looking at it from the right angle. This performance has entered the Guinness Book of Records because of its size (about 4000 square meter of street art).

Most inaccessible monasteries in the world

1. Meteora – Greece The Metéora is one of the largest and most important complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece, second only to Mount Athos.     2. Taung Kalat Monastery, Burma Myanmar maybe...

2013 Hempfest in Seattle (34 pictures)

Seattle Hempfest is held the third weekend in August each year. The event spans three Seattle waterfront parks: Centennial Park, formerly Elliott Bay Park (North Entrance), Myrtle Edwards Park, and Olympic Sculpture Park (South Entrance).

Advanced humanoid ‘Atlas’ Robot is unveiled

Boston Dynamics developed the robot for DARPA. It will compete in the DARPA Robotics Challenge Trials at the Homestead-Miami Speedway in December 2013. Advancing the technology to assist humans in disaster response is the goal.

5 incredible insect superpowers

Hawk Moths have sonar-blocking genitals and bees are electrically charged! But that’s not all the superpowers insects possess. Anthony goes down his list of the top hidden skills insects have that’ll knock your socks off.