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Thomisidae spider

This spider bears a startling resemblance to the clown in Stephen King’s 1990 hit-film ‘It.’ The macro picture of the spider, which belongs to the thomisidae family, was taken by Ukranian photographer Igor Ryabovr...

Meet The Last Living People Born In 1800s

The fountain of youth may be a myth and immortality may be for the gods, but these women have the longevity of life on their side. There are only five known people left who were born in the 19th century, making them all at least 115 years old. These three Americans, one Japanese, and one Italian woman are the last living people in the world who were born in the 1800s.

Would you want to live as long as they have?

Extrasolar Super-Earth Gliese 1214b Might Hold Water

Recent observations from the Subaru telescope in Hawaii found very little scattering of blue light from the parent star by the planet. This appearsmost consistent with a planet that has a watery atmosphere — although it is still possible that the super-Earth has clouds so thick that little of any color of light was scattered.