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Earth’s Richat Structure

What on Earth is that? The Richat Structure in the Sahara Desert of Mauritania is easily visible from space because it is nearly 50 kilometers across. Once thought to be an impact crater, theRichat Structure’s flat middle and lack of shock-altered rock indicates otherwise.

Amazing Cloak Experiment

This is a really simple yet amazing project. It uses 4 lenses to control light in such a way that it renders an object invisible.

History & Future of the Television Upfront

Everyone is aware of advertising, we see it just about anywhere and everywhere we go on a daily basis. Ads find their way into almost everything we see and hear, and one of the mediums in which they’re most prevalent is one of the classics: TV. Television advertising dates back to just about the same time that TV broadcast networks were established and they’ve only grown in number and variety since then.