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Remote Reconnaissance of Another Solar System

This visualization, produced using the Hayden Planetarium’s Digital Universe–the most comprehensive and scientifically accurate, three-dimensional map of the known universe– shows where the star HR 8799 is in relation to our solar system. Recently,...

Titanoboa: Prehistoric Monster Snake (6 pictures)

Millions of years after the fall of the Dinosaurs lived a species of snake that is unimaginable, unbelievable, and truly mind-blowing.

60-58 millions years ago in the swampy jungles of Colombia, lived Titanoboa (meaning Titanic Boa): a massive 48 foot long, 2,500 pound snake. Disturbing isn’t it?

25 strangest geological formations on Earth

Earth is a big place with a lot of unique flora and fauna, and as strange as it can already be there are still new geological discoveries being made every day. While there are probably numerous places that could have been included on this list, we were forced to narrow it down to the 25 strangest geological formations on Earth.

The farthest (known) places in the universe. Prepare to feel tiny. Again…

Despite hundreds of years of research, most of the universe is still unknown to us. Not much is known about its history and about what is happening outside our Solar System. Here is a series of photographs showing the scale of cosmic objects. The first part of the picture compared to the size of stars and planets of the Solar System, many of you know, but do you know the rest of it?