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Is The Internet Destroying Your Brain?

Turns out, multi-tasking online doesn’t positively exercise our brains or mental state. Heavy Internet users are 2.5 times more likely to be depressed. And web addiction reduces the white matter in our brains, basically the transmitters responsible for our memory and sensory abilities.


A unique friendship of man and lion (13 pictures)

Zoologist Kevin Richardson (Kevin Richardson), known by the nickname “The caster Lions’ established a unique relationship with the most dangerous predators – lions. Little Cubs fall to the reserve remained orphans, Kevin gently caring for them. But even grown to a dangerous age, lions Kevin perceive himself as a close friend!

Cool Water Jetpacks by Zapata Sports

These Flyboards look like insane amounts of fun – for the time challenged skip to about 2:20 into the video. The price tag is pretty steep though, the cost of owning one is about $6,000 (not so bad when you consider the fact it’s the cost of a decent motorcycle).