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World War 2 Death Count

World War II was a global conflict that resulted in more deaths than any other war. The following figures are the number of deaths that occurred in World War Two.

Times Square, 1943

Photographs by John Vachon | Prints available   In this vintage black and white photo, we see the famous Times Square in New York City on a rainy day in March of 1943. The photograph was taken...

A shipwreck seen from space (8 pictures)

This half-sunken sea-liner is named the World Discoverer. It met its fate on April 30th, 2000, when it hit an uncharted reef in the Solomon Islands. Now it has become a popular tourist attraction and is visible from space on Google Maps.
Before the wreck, this expedition cruise-liner was used by several companies. Each season, just over 700 tourists traveled to Antarctica on the World Discoverer.