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Funny untranslatable words from other cultures

Language is, without a doubt, one of the most fascinating things about the human race. Most languages can be translated into other languages and cultures, but in today’s infographic we find out that there are eleven words that do not have a direct English translation.

Paris on vintage photos

A selection of beautiful vintage Paris black and white photos from the turn of the century era. Unusual pictures show the former face of one of the most famous cities in Europe.

Buy Your Own Private Island (10 pictures)

Are you constantly finding yourself with too much money? Do you still have too many hundred-dollar bills, even after using them as a most extravagant 4-ply toilet paper? If these are the sort of problems you regularly encounter, you should probably buy yourself an island.

Private Islands Online has an incredible catalog loaded with options. There are six-figure islands for the poor, common man, and island paradises costing over ten million dollars for those of us who wish to keep the hoi polloi at bay.