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Four Planet Sunset

You can see four planets in this serene sunset image, created from a series of stacked digital exposures captured near dusk on May 25. The composite picture follows the trail of three of them, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury (left to right) dropping toward the western horizon, gathered close in last month’s remarkable triple planetary conjunction.

Horsehead sculpted in dust

From Hubblecast, the unveiling of Hubble’s 23rd Anniversary image: a stunning new image of one of the most distinctive objects in our skies: the Horsehead Nebula. This image shows the nebula in a whole new light, capturing plumes of gas in the infrared and revealing a beautiful, delicate structure that is normally obscured by dust.

Snow Moon for a Snowy Planet

Explanation: The alarmingly tall inhabitants of this small, snowy planet cast long shadows in bright moonlight. Of course, the snowy planet is actually planet Earth and the wide-angle mosaic, shown as a little planet projection, was recorded on February...

19th Century surgical kit (9 pictures)

This box looks curious and elegant. A bit like a handy home toolbox located. Unfortunately this is not a DIY set, but a medical equipment from the 19th century. It is hard to imagine someone performing an actual amputation of using these tools.