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‘Bagel Head’ Forehead Injections – Japan’s Hot New Beauty Trend (22 pictures)

In Japan, the “donut” on the foreheads become famous trend recently, started to gain popularity in the West. And all thanks goes to the program “Taboo” on the channel National Geographic. Such modification is done by injecting saline into forehead, then a swollen bump appears on forehead, which makes circular recess inside, forming a kind of bagel. Keep this donut from 16 hours to a day.

What Dying Feels Like (8 pictures)

Thanks to some redditors confessions and their personal experience, we can learn more and answered to some questions related to the feelings and sensations a person experiences in various ways of dying.

USA’s Opening Ceremony sweaters are Ameritastic (6 pictures)

The U.S. Winter Olympic opening ceremony uniforms have been unveiled and they’re a wonderful conglomerate of an ugly Christmas sweater and an ironic ‘Murica 4th of July shirt, with what looks like a pair of good ol’ fashioned American sweatpants. Let’s not forget the turtleneck underneath.

Women in the 19th Century: Crash Course US History

In the 19th Century, the United States was changing rapidly, as we noted in the recent Market Revolution and Reform Movements episodes. Things were also in a state of flux for women. The reform movements, which were in large part driven by women, gave these self-same women the idea that they could work on their own behalf, and radically improve the state of their own lives.