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Photos from Ariel Castro kidnapping house (15 pictures)

Ariel Castro accused of prison and torture for over a decade, three women at his home in Cleveland, was sentenced to life in prison without the right to apply for an exemption, and – what is symbolic – 1000 years in prison. During the hearings pictures of the house Castro were shown . They reveal the terrible conditions in which for many years these women have been kept.

Watch 100 Years Of Iranian Beauty In One Minute

In the video, American/Iranian model Sabrina Sarajy is getting her hair and makeup done to match the Iranian beauty styles of every decade from 1910 to 2010. Sarajy’s looks not only reflect 10 decades of stunning beauty, but also the important history of Iran, such as hijab ban in the 1930s, the revolution of 1979 and the recent Green Revolution.

If models from classic paintings were real… (5 pictures)

19-year-old Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi wonders where some of the greatest artists got their inspirations from, and imagines what their muses could’ve looked like if they were real people. In her Real Life Models photo manipulation series, Flora recreates the distorted features from classic paintings by such artists as Rudolf Hausner, Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso and Kees van Dongen, and that way brings some very surreal-looking people to the real world.