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Retro futurism from Japan (31 pictures)

Japanese seem to produce some of the best retro futuristic posters you’ll find anywhere, as any fan of Akira Japanese Retro Futurism or Ghost in the Shell Japanese Retro Futurism will tell you.

How To Scare Sellers

Sometimes sellers can be very annoying. What to do when you’ve had enough of people knocking on doors and telling you about the best products and the greatest occasions? This funny video can suggest you some unusual ideas....

Portable scanners “read” brains on the go

Though EEG (Electroencephalography) has been around for decades, now, new technology allows us to detect and measure brain activity with a lightweight headset and mobile phone. National Geographic Emerging Explorer and entrepreneur Tan Le demonstrates how her company’s EEG headset and software can be used for a variety of research purposes.

Newest trend: Crazy wedding pictures (7 pictures)

Even if you have arachnophobia, don’t be too quick to close this page yet! Jumping spiders have got to be the cutest spiders of all. More than that, they were recently photographed wearing tiny water droplets as their hats, and that way completely denying their image of being threatening and scary.