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Magic Pill Erases Bad Memories

It’s a whole new approach to ridding yourself of bad memories. And it might just be in your medicine cabinet right now! SourceFed’s Trisha Hershberger sits down with Anthony to talk about a pill that might enable you to leave the most difficult parts of your past behind.

Nike sneakers through the decades (4 pictures)

Designer, Stephen Cheetham, put together this personal project of Nike sneakers (trainers, runners or worse ‘tennis shoes’) to show the progression and design evolution of iconic Nikes through the years. We’re postive you’ve seen many of these in your every day life, but maybe you didn’t know how old the original designs are. Just goes to show you the timeless fashion of a good looking shoe.

Kappores Ritual in the Brooklyn by Anthony Karen (17 pictures)

Kappores is a Jewish ritual practiced by some Jews on the eve of Yom Kippur. The person swings a live chicken or a bundle of coins over one’s head three times, symbolically transferring one’s sins to the chicken or coins. The chicken is then slaughtered and donated to the poor for consumption at the pre-fast meal.