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Amazing Dogs Smell Human Seizures

Director of Nursing, Adeline Baker, recalls how Scamp first identified a dying patient. His vet thinks this event and the surrounding humans reactions to it produced positive reinforcement for such ‘one trial learning’. Some dogs are trained to detect changes in humans, such as the onset of seizures. Check out the amazing way AJ alerts his owner Tony.

Famous Faces Who Love Las Vegas

If you asked any normal person who had visited Vegas, they’d tell you they loved it and wanted to go back and people who you asked you hadn’t already been would be desperate to...

Stunning Underwater Hotel Room (9 pictures)

The Manta Resort in Zanzibar has a 4-bedroom hotel room designed by Swede Mikael Genberg. The room is located below the surface of the water. The room costs $900 for one person per night or $1500 for a couple. You can actually sleep underwater.