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The Fascinating Story of Clever Crows and Exploding Toads

In 2005, a small pond in Hamburg, Germany became the focus of international attention as roughly 1,000 toads were discovered dead, having seemingly exploded. Dubbed the Pond of Death, the culprit, originally believed to be some kind of virus, would turn out to be a highly intelligent bird.

The zero gravity coffee cup

Drinking coffee in space is surprisingly tricky. Physicists researching the strange behavior of fluids onboard the International Space Station have invented a zero-g coffee cup to make the morning “cuppa Joe” a little easier to swallow.

Mujahideens from Afghan War (21 pictures)

The mujahideen fought against Soviet and DRA troops during the Soviet War in Afghanistan and were supported by United States’ assistance. After the Soviet Union pulled out of the conflict in the late 1980s, the mujahideen fought each other for control in the subsequent Afghan Civil War.