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25 epic expeditions and the explorers that made them

Although today there are very few places on Earth above sea level that aren’t explored (it has been said that we know more about the moon than we do the bottom of the ocean), there are still a few places like Papua New Guinea that have been notoriously impossible to map and settle. Of course, you’ll probably notice that the history of exploration is more or less the history of western civilization. It’s not that people don’t live in Papua New Guinea or know anything about its geography and terrain, it’s just that those people aren’t really connected to the rest of the world. So, whether you call it colonialism or discovery, here are the stories behind 25 epic expeditions and the explorers that made them.

Best place in the world to see the sunset – Santorini, Greece (18 pictures)

Santorini is a small Greek island in the middle, lower part of the Aegean Sea that offers one of the best sunsets in the world. People actually travel from all over the globe to wach the sunset each night from the famous “Captain’s House” at the top of the mountain which offers 360 degree views of everyone below. If you have a travel bucket list Santorini island shoudl be right up at the top.

Fun With Public Sculptures

Artists put their blood, sweat and tears into their work. But you know what they say about art, it’s what you make of it. Check out just how people are interacting with public sculptures.

Aurora over Iceland

If you see a sky like this — photograph it. Three nights ago in Iceland, an adventurous photographer (pictured) chanced across a sky full of aurora and did just that. Afterwards, by stitching together five smaller photographs, the entire...