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What Does Your State Do Best?

Every state is a number one in something, but some claims to fame are pretty surprising. The New Jersey has the highest rate of homeowners installing solar panels. Illinois has the highest rate of gang membership!? Here’s a fun, bird’s eye view of state superlatives with an energy related twist: we’ve noted which state has the most forward-thinking energy policies and which has the most room for improvement.

Unique Stones That Can Only Be Found In Detroit

At first glance, these brilliantly colorful gemstones might look like agate, a stone valued for its beauty and used in the jewelry industry. Their origin, however, might surprise you – these stones, called Fordite or Detroit Agate, are actually paint deposits from old car paintings racks.

‘Game of Thrones’ exhibition in NYC (40 pictures)

‘Game of Thrones’ will come alive for fans in an immersive, not-to-be-missed touring exhibition that will transport viewers into the breathtaking and enchanted world of Westeros. The traveling exhibit, the first of its kind by HBO, will stop in five international cities – Toronto, New York City, Sao Paolo, Amsterdam and Belfast. Presented by HBO and international partners, the exhibition is free to the public and focuses on key characters from five of the noble houses: Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon and Greyjoy. It will showcase a trove of more than 70 original artifacts from Seasons 1 and 2, plus select pieces from this year’s new season.

Memolition’s 1st birthday!

It is 21 December 2013 and memolition.com is celebrating its first birthday today. Want to know what else in human history has made this date special? We have selected some facts from the past associated with this very day, and delving into them will make you see, like through multifaceted crystal, complexity and dynamics of human-driven world. For our readers, we have also prepared some information on what we have accomplished so far with memolition.com in the passing year, and what posts were the most popular. Wonder how much can happen during 12 months on one website? Check out our birthday stats!