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How To Walk On Ice

Icy conditions are no fun, especially if you have poor balance. If you shift your center-of-gravity over your front facing foot instead of splitting it evenly between your feet, you can more easily walk across icy surfaces without falling quite so much. Penguins have figured this out, as have many who live in areas covered by ice for weeks each year.

How Edward Snowden data was destroyed by intelligence agencies

The Guardian’s editor Alan Rusbridger talks about the detention of Glenn Greenwald’s partner David Miranda under UK terror laws, and the revelation that GCHQ ordered the destruction of Guardian hard drives containing the NSA files leaked by Edward Snowden. And says that in the future the Guardian will carry out sensitive investigations in the US — not the UK .

Snowboard Flying With a Drone

Casey Neistat goes snowboard flying with a drone in Finland, and gets way higher in the air than you would think! Casey Neistat a popular NYC vlogger has done the unthinkable, he teamed up...