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Ћ letter changing how we type

THE is the most often used word in the English language. We are wasting a substantial amount of time by typing it out. So there is a suggestion of a new symbol for use...

Why do mirrors flip things horizontally but not vertically?

A mirror is made from a sheet of glass with reflective material applied to one side of the glass. Designed to reflect lights, mirrors are used everywhere from making sure we scrub behind out ears in the morning, to helping us reverse around corners without crashing into a wall.

But what are mirrors exactly?

25 Strange Travel Tips From The Chinese Government

Recently the China National Tourism Administration released a 64 page illustrated manual title “Guidelines For Civilized Travel Abroad”. This is the latest attempt by the Chinese government to salvage the terrible reputation their people have acquired as tourists in foreign lands. These are 25 strange travel tips from the Chinese government.