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Do What You Want

The world is full of dos and don’ts. Of course, we should all follow them. Social order depends on it. But sometimes it is worth to do something opposite. Just for fun.

The Clearfin Lionfish

Photograph by The High Fin Sperm Whale on Wikimedia Commons   Pterois radiata, also known as the Clearfin Lionfish, Tailbar Lionfish, Radiata Lionfish or Radial Firefish, is a carnivorous, ray-finned fish with venomous spines that...

President Barack Obama’s ‘summer White House’ (6 pictures)

President Barack Obama and his family will travel to Martha’s Vineyard for eight days beginning on Aug. 10. The Obamas will stay in a home, built in 1961 and renovated in 2006, located on 9.5 acres in Chilmark, the wealthiest town on the island. The home features a private master suite with its own den, a pond, ocean views from the living room, and a small basketball court.