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Midnight Blue

Two exposure shots were manually blended in post processing. First shot was Lupines with f11.0, 4 sec. (Nikon 16-35 mm. @ 16 mm.) and another shot was sky and stars with f2.8, 15 sec....

National Geographic On Instagram

National Geographic has it’s own official profile there and it’s just amazing. Here are just some of their best pictures, but we strongly encourage you to check out the rest and follow them. Beautiful!

Mt. Hood and a Lenticular Cloud

What kind of cloud is next to that mountain? A lenticular. This type of cloud forms in air that passes over a mountain, rises up again, and cools past the dew point — so what molecular water carried in the air condenses into droplets. The layered nature of some lenticular clouds may make them appear, to some, as large alien spaceships. In this case, the mountain pictured is Mt. Hood located inOregon, USA. Lenticular clouds can only form when conditions are right — for example this is first time this astrophotographer has seen a lenticular cloud at night near Mt. Hood. The above image was taken in mid-March about two hours before dawn.