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Category: Videos

Blow – by Tadao Cern (23 pictures + video)

Tadao Cern is a photographer and artist based in Vilnius, Lithuania. He graduated in architecture, but in spring of 2010 he decided to try something new and he found himself in the world of photography. He has been working on a series of funny portraits where blasts of air are blown into the subject’s faces.

Levitation - an optical illusion

Levitation – an Optical Illusion in 3D

A collaboration between Russian light / 3D projection masters, Sila Sveta and dancer / choreographer Anna Abalikhina – “Levitation” – is a performance art showcase of optical illusion and dance. All of the 3D...

Zen of Rock Balancing

A Demonstration of the Art of Rock Balancing

Kokei Mikuni – a talented artist in Japan, has gained immense local popularity for his incredible skill in balancing rocks on top of each other. Incredibly, he is able to craft structures, that almost defy...

How Movies Get Their Background Sounds

Have you ever thought about all the sounds that go into a movie? The sound of feet crunching gravel as the main character walks up a driveway, or a car door opening and closing,...

New Continent Found!

A new study has presented evidence that earth might have an eighth continent called Zealandia. This land mass is based around New Zealand and covers an area of almost five million square kilometers, of...