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Extremely Rare Brown Panda

Qinling panda proves nature’s not always black and white.  It is the first giant panda subspecies to be recognized. It differs from the more familiar nominate subspecies by its smaller skull and dark brown...

Life Is Beautiful !

Every time you do something spontaneous and crazy you’re doing yourself a huge favor. Endorphins and adrenaline make you feel more alive, open and happy. You suddenly forget about all that is sad or...

Beautifully 3D Detailed Street Art by DALeast (17 pictures)

DALeast is a 29-year-old Chinese born artist that lives and works in Capetown, South Africa. The artist won’t reveal his true name, but says he has been dedicated to arts ever since he was 3 years old. DALeast spends around half a year traveling around the world and painting his graffiti artworks in different cities, Cape Town, Miami, New York and London’s Brick Lane, as well as his native China.

Art Games by Leo Caillard (9 pictures)

This recent work is a reflection on the problem of our new digital world. Currently, at any stage of its creation, and idea or concept is digitally adapted. What will be retained in the future? What will happen to all of these billions of megabytes we stock on computers ? In 10 years ? In 500 years ? Colliding the esthetic of modern minimalist Apple products with the classical architecture of the Louvre Museum, the viewer is forced to asses the question of new creation in our modern society.