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Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

There are types of stories called “conspiracy theories” and the people who teach them are considered by “society” as crazy fanatics who often need medical treatment. What if I tell you that “society” should take some of that medical treatment, because sometimes such stories that nobody believed in, turn out to be 100% true.

Most Common Driving Habits

It is probably safe to say that the average person never gets in the car with the intention of causing accidents, yet if you own a car it is statistically likely that you will be guilty of one or more of the findings in a survey conducted by Motors.Co.Uk

How Google Has Changed Research for Grad Students

It seems that in the battle of the search engines, Google, is by far the leader, with his powerful and innovative research tools – Google scholar, Google app engine, Google books, Google play, Google Earth, and of course – YouTube, with his EDU feature.