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The Ultimate Backpackers’ Essentials Guide to Europe

Everyone gets excited by the prospect of just packing their bags, booking a cheap flight and making their way through all kinds of exotic and fun places in Europe. It can provide memories that’ll last a lifetime, but before you make the journey you’ll have to make sure you have everything you’ll need, and just as importantly you have to be careful not to over-pack. Running for that train when you have a backpack full of unused trainers and jeans definitely isn’t something you’ll enjoy. With that in mind, here’s a list of essential items you should bring with you on your adventure, and some things that you should be leaving in your bedroom.

Future of canvas printing

Many people choose to pick canvas prints from stock images that fit in well with their home decorating style; it’s an easy way to find something that’s the perfect colour match and a great fit for your décor without splashing too much cash on expensive original pieces of art.

Why the world needs the LED

The light emitting diode. Hundreds of children in the 1980s would sit with their electronics kit open on the living room floor, sifting through all the bits and wondering which of the little projects they would do first but without a doubt, the one they all wanted to do was the one which would make the little red LED light up. Lighting something up was cool. Little red lights were cool. LEDs were cool – especially if you knew what it stood for.