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Author: memolition

Just A Wild Orangutan Using a Saw

A wild orangutan shows off her incredible sawing skills and competes with a ‘Spy Orangutan’. The clip is from episode 2 ‘Intelligence‘ of a new 5 part series called, “Spy in the Wild”. Narrated...

NY Farmer

New York Farmer Dancing to Sia

Have you ever seen a farmer dance his heart out to modern hip hop? No? Well watch the video below and change all of that. Jay Lavery is a farmer in Sharon Springs, New...

Mongoose Vs. Cobra

A Mongoose Faces off Against a Cobra

The world’s largest museum complex, the Smithsonian Institution, has partnered with Showtime to bring you incredible documentaries, docu-series, and programs to enrich and enlighten your life. They have started an entire channel dedicated to...