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Hyper-Realistic Paintings of Children and Animals in Urban Decay by Kevin Peterson

Artist Kevin Peterson’s work conveys a message to the world  –  “It’s about growing up and living in a world that is broken,” says Peterson.

“These paintings are about trauma, fear and loneliness and the strength that it takes to survive and thrive. They each contain the contrast of the untainted, young and innocent against a backdrop of a worn, ragged, and defiled world.”

Peterson’s hyperrealistic paintings depict fairytale-like interactions of children and wolves, birds, and bears in scenes much different than the innocent worlds of storybooks we know as children. Instead Peterson places the innocence in distressed cities filled with decaying buildings and urban detritus.

Despite the worn surroundings, the children in the paintings maintain a sense of innocence while they bravely explore the streets with their powerful companions.

For more information please vistit artist website: kevinpetersonstudios.com and Instagram.








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