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Cynical Illustrations That Tell The Brutally Honest Truth About Modern Life

Eduardo Salles is an illustrator from Mexico City and he draws illustrations about modern life that are very critical and full of irony and cynicism.

His illustrations are brutally honest, but they also happen to be hilarious.

Satirical art that speaks a thousand words by Pawel Kuczynski
Satiric illustrations of todays problems drawn in the vintage style

honest_illustrations_01 honest_illustrations_02 honest_illustrations_03 honest_illustrations_04 honest_illustrations_05 honest_illustrations_06 honest_illustrations_07 honest_illustrations_08 honest_illustrations_09 honest_illustrations_10 honest_illustrations_11 honest_illustrations_12 honest_illustrations_13 honest_illustrations_14 honest_illustrations_15 honest_illustrations_16 honest_illustrations_17 honest_illustrations_18 honest_illustrations_19 honest_illustrations_20 honest_illustrations_21 honest_illustrations_22 honest_illustrations_23 honest_illustrations_24 honest_illustrations_25 honest_illustrations_26 honest_illustrations_27 honest_illustrations_28 honest_illustrations_29 honest_illustrations_30 honest_illustrations_31 honest_illustrations_32 honest_illustrations_33 honest_illustrations_34 honest_illustrations_35 honest_illustrations_36 honest_illustrations_37 honest_illustrations_38 honest_illustrations_39 honest_illustrations_40Art by Tony Futura makes fun of consumerism and pop culture

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