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Beautiful story of saving the baby sparrow (11 pictures)

One stormy night a guy and his girlfriend found barely breathing  and completely blind sparrow belov their balcony. They prepared a box for him, tried to feed him,  but without any luck. They placed him in balcony.. and wait…

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending.


He was barely breathing, and was completely blind


The next day, I placed him in our balcony where he started tweeting non-stop for 3 hours


Finally his father found him and started feeding him


He brought him huge bugs and bread every 10-15 minutes all day long


He was getting bigger each day, but he was still blind


I called a vet, and he told me to try simple eye drops


It worked like a charm! He even started hiding from us behind the flowers


He stayed in my balcony for about two weeks and his father never stopped feeding him


We knew one day he would leave us. I think this is one of the last shots before he flew away


We were really worried as it soon started raining, and there was lightning and thunder all night


However, 3 days later, he came back and fell asleep in a flower pot!

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