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The insane Penthouse in Brooklyn’s Clock Tower for sale for $18 million (22 pictures)

A striking triplex penthouse apartment in a clock tower overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge and New York Harbor has gone on the market for $25 million.The main floor of the sleek modern apartment is dominated by four working clocks housed in four 14-foot-high round windows, which provide nearly unobstructed views (except for the clock faces) out to the four points of the compass.

clock-tower-apartment-1 clock-tower-apartment-3 clock-tower-apartment-4 clock-tower-apartment-5 clock-tower-penthouse-brooklyn-new-york-6 Screen-Shot-2013-05-08-at-11.46.48-AM Screen-Shot-2013-05-08-at-11.47.40-AM Screen-Shot-2013-05-08-at-11.47.46-AM clock-tower-apartment-6 Screen-Shot-2013-05-08-at-11.46.54-AM clock-tower-penthouse-brooklyn-new-york-14 clock-tower-penthouse-brooklyn-new-york-13 clock-tower-penthouse-brooklyn-new-york-12 clock-tower-penthouse-brooklyn-new-york-8 clock-tower-apartment-7 Screen-Shot-2013-05-08-at-11.47.02-AM clock-tower-apartment-9-640x820 clock-tower-apartment-9 Screen-Shot-2013-05-08-at-11.47.23-AM Screen-Shot-2013-05-08-at-11.47.14-AM

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