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Elegant bathtubs made of wood

Welcome to Alegna – we create bathing dreams out of wood.
Our passion for wood in combination with unique design inspired us to create these extraordinary bathtubs and bathroom furniture for individual bathing dreams. Our many years of experience in yacht building and in processing high-quality woods as well as in dealing with the most modern composite materials allow us to manufacture original and beautiful products.

wooden-bathtubs-all-wood-baths-by-alegna-1 wooden-bathtubs-all-wood-baths-by-alegna-2 wooden-bathtubs-all-wood-baths-by-alegna-3 wooden-bathtubs-all-wood-baths-by-alegna-4 wooden-bathtubs-all-wood-baths-by-alegna-5 wooden-bathtubs-all-wood-baths-by-alegna-6 wooden-bathtubs-all-wood-baths-by-alegna-8 wooden-bathtubs-all-wood-baths-by-alegna-9 wooden-bathtubs-all-wood-baths-by-alegna-10 wooden-bathtubs-all-wood-baths-by-alegna-11 wooden-bathtubs-all-wood-baths-by-alegna-12 wooden-bathtubs-all-wood-baths-by-alegna-13

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